Amberstone specializes in smalls scale residential construction, such as houses, duplexes and townhouses. We can customize house designs according to client’s requirement, as well as make recommendations on viable solutions based on geographical location and market trend. With a solid understanding of market demands, matriculate attention to details, coupled with a strict control over quality of our product, we have built high quality houses that many families now call home. At the same time, while maintaining a healthy construction speed, our yearly construction project exceeds $30M, with an expected increase over the next few years.

Amberstone has a rigorous selection process for all personnel working on our construction projects. Our construction supervisors have minimum five years’ experience, and all sub-contractors we hire are fully licensed and goes through a strict assessment process. We use a system of penalty and reward as motivation to ensure delivery is on time and to the highest quality.

40 Neptune St

Dundas Valley, NSW 2117


Completed Dec 2017

Completed Projects

Current Projects

10 Commissioners Rd

Denistone, NSW 2114

Luxury House Renovation

Est. Completion Oct 2020

7 Leo St

Hunter Hills, NSW 2110

Luxury House

Est. Completion Nov 2020

4 Goondari Rd

Allabie Heights, NSW 2100


Est. Completion Jan 2021

23 Werakata Cres

Kellyville, NSW 2155


Est. Completion Feb 2021

60 Raimonde Rd

Carlingford, NSW 2118


Est. Completion Jun 2021

76-78 Schofields Farm Rd

Schofields, NSW 2762

10 Houses

Completed Jan 2019

2 Parks St

Ryde, NSW 2112


Completed Sep 2019

39 Durham St

Carlton, NSW 2218

House Renovation

Completed May 2020

18 Mobbs Lane

Carlingford, NSW 2218


Completed Jul 2020

20 Mobbs Lane

Carlingford, NSW 2218


Completed Jul 2020

66 Raimonde Rd

Carlingford, NSW 2218


Completed Jul 2020

Why Us

Fair Price

We use a fixed pricing system, that provide transparency for clients, and take full responsibility for future risks.

On Time

With years of construction management experience behind us, we have developed a forecasting model that can accurately project construction time frame. Therefore, we can confident in providing a time-guaranteed construction plan for all our projects.

Guaranteed Delivery

We use a performance based rewards system to incentivize project supervisors and ensure each project is delivered on brief, on budget and on time. Project supervisors are rewarded with bonus for early completion, while a late delivery due to mismanagement will result in financial penalty.


Our team takes pride in our strong attention to detail and quality control of construction quality. We can provide a lifetime structural guarantee on all our construction projects.

Dedicated Designer

For investment properties, we have a dedicated interior designer assigned to and work on each project throughout the entire lifecycle.

Experienced Team

Each subcontractor working on the project goes through a rigorous section process. They are fully licensed, adequately insured and have ample work experience in the industry.

Amberstone Group can provide a one-stop- shop service solution where we  manage the entire project from start to finish; from land acquisition and procurement, design, DA application, construction and occupancy permit certificate. 


T.   02 9412 4230


A.   Level 21, 233 Castlereagh St

       Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

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